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Blackbird Fly by Antoinette Cauley

January 7th - 27th    11:00- 19:00 For the January 7th vernissage, the event will take place from 17:00 - 20:00 and will include music and refreshments. (2G+ Rule will be observed) About:   Blackbird Fly   is an exploration into how artist Antoinette Cauley’s relocation from Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.A.) to Berlin, Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced and reshaped her views on systemic racism, her home country, and her overall identity as a biracial Black woman. Created during the course of two years, this series delves into childhood trauma and psychological triggers relating to abandonment, survival and hyper independence in youth and their connection to time and place.  Artist  Statement: As a biracial Black American woman from a marginalized community, my work looks to directly confront and question the normative racial narratives that have been historically presented within art establishments and institutions. By emphasizing the beauty in the many complexities of Blac

Eve’s Glory by Armand Tamboly (December 18th – January 4th)

  December 18th – January  4th     Eve’s Glory by Armand Tamboly  For the Dec.18th vernissage, the event will take place from 16:00 - 20:00 and will include live DJs and refreshments.   About:   Eve’s Glory  showcases women in uniforms of different ages and backgrounds who share the same fighting spirit and strong characters, defying obstacles along their path through life and career. World history on the other hand has been written only by white men who disregard this alternative form of documentation. The uniforms help to communicate this injustice. From the artist’s point of view, women have always had their fights and struggles that they have won; this knowledge comes from personal anecdotes. The uniforms used in this project are from 12 different countries, the majority of them had colonies. Artist Bio: Armand Tamboly is an award winning visual artist with a diverse background in Ad photography and design. He is interested in psychology and history and his framework includes envi

Smoking Birds an Exhibition by Moena Weiss (Dec.11th – 16th)

About:  The exhibition  Smoking birds by Moena Weiss is a collection of portraits which depict an individual's transformation process. The uniqueness of the  individual in this process is displayed through the progression of the photos in the series. Moena conveys  the inherent beauty in the diverse human experience. She  wants the subjects of her portraits  to see what she sees through the lens of her camera when looking at their image. The artist is fascinated by the different facets of humanity and how photography can capture a person’s way of existing, moving, feeling. To share this process while taking pictures is one of the most beautiful things for her, because in the end we all want to be seen by others as we are.  Artist Statement: Moena Joy - Dada Weiss is a Berlin-based photographer. With a background in psychology, Moena  is fascinated with documenting the human environment and exploring  the encounter between the camera and people she photographs. She works a lot with