Eve’s Glory by Armand Tamboly (December 18th – January 4th)


December 18th – January  4th   

Eve’s Glory by Armand Tamboly 

For the Dec.18th vernissage, the event will take place from 16:00 - 20:00 and will include live DJs and refreshments. 


Eve’s Glory  showcases women in uniforms of different ages and backgrounds who share the same fighting spirit and strong characters, defying obstacles along their path through life and career. World history on the other hand has been written only by white men who disregard this alternative form of documentation. The uniforms help to communicate this injustice. From the artist’s point of view, women have always had their fights and struggles that they have won; this knowledge comes from personal anecdotes. The uniforms used in this project are from 12 different countries, the majority of them had colonies.

Artist Bio:

Armand Tamboly is an award winning visual artist with a diverse background in Ad photography and design. He is interested in psychology and history and his framework includes environmental,social and political contemporary subjects. He uses his own memory, experience and shared history as a trigger point for his projects. Tamboly received his Master of Fine arts in Photography from HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University in Sweden. Tamboly has been credited with several awards for his outstanding contributions to the world of photography. Over the years, photography has become more of a lifestyle for him and not just a profession. His areas of specialities are: Conceptual photography, People/Portrait Photography, architecture and travel photography.

We invite you to join us at Galerie SLP, Bikini Berlin 1.OG 
West entrance | Budapester str.48 10787, Berlin 
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